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Conscious innovators,
shaping the future

Building a business for
the next 100 years

The legacy of the José de Mello Group is proof of WineStone's long-term commitment.

We look to the future in an innovative way, based on the company's values, always with the purpose of making our activity increasingly sustainable.

We believe in the importance of individual and organizational contribution, working closely with communities contributing positively to the development of the local regions.

We direct our efforts towards a positive social change that respects the limited resources of our planet, investing in qualified and highly competent professionals who lead us to the  implementation of coherent solutions, based on the  assumptions of quality and value.

More than one century, always caring about the future

Sustainability is in our roots and innovation is the starting point for everything we do. With a balanced vision and a deep sense of commitment.

We are driven by local impact

Collaborating with regional communities and organizations to enhance overall quality of life and economies.

We respect our planet's limited resources

Our business depends on healthy and well-balanced ecosystems. Conscious of our preservation role we are focused on our sustainability goals.

Our Commitments


We innovate to protect our ecosystem. We are commited to finding new ways of working – with a focus on water, energy and waste management in our vineyards and wineries. We monitor and track all the activities of our business. Always with a focus to value the natural assets of our land.

Our Commitments


We share solid values with everyone involved with our business – workers, communities, business partners, consumers, and other stakeholders – and ensure that our relationships grow based on integrity, responsibility, and quality. A business culture that places people at the center, investing in human development.

Our Commitments


We collaborate to build an inclusive, sustainable, and thriving society. We are actively working in the preservation of the local culture, environment and economy.

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