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Quinta do Retiro Novo

Quinta do Retiro Novo

The old new Douro

Founded in 1989, this Quinta is in one of the best places on earth to produce fine wines. For centuries this land, these slopes and terraces have been producing some of the best quality grapes in the region. Quality is determined by the grape varieties which have been planted in the Quinta, by the age of the vines, their method of training and the density of plantation, among other factors. All these items are officially converted into points, the sum of which determines the final classification of the property. 

In Quinta do Retiro Novo this sum exceeds 1200 points, which makes it belong to the restricted group of “class A” properties.

founding date
hectares of vineyard
+ 100
quinta do retiro novo


Quinta do Retiro Novo is located in Sarzedinho, a very small village in the Rio Torto valley. In this area the nature of the soil where the vines are growing, the altitude, the locality, the (low) productivity and the slope of the vineyards are particularly favourable to the production of quality wine.

quinta do retiro novo
quinta do retiro novo
uvas quinta do retiro novo
portão quinta do retiro novo

Mafalda Bahia Machado


Born and raised in Porto, Douro has been her home for the last 14 years. To this region, its slopes, vineyards and wineries she calls home. 

Quinta do Retiro Novo represents the opportunity to create wines in a valley known as the "Valley of Great Wines". 

Her experience and knowledge of the Douro region are the ideal complements to her passion for fine wines. 

Mafalda leads the viticulture and oenology teams at Teixeiró under the leadership of Chairman Winemaker David Baverstock and COO Vasco Rosa Santos.