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Paço de Teixeiró

Paço de Teixeiró

A different kind of verde

Home of the grape Avesso. Located in Baião, this unique terroir is located on schist soils unlike the majority of vinho verde producers. The perfect location to produce mineral, crisp acidity white wines mainly from the grapes Avesso, Loureiro and Alvarinho. A steep valley that generates high thermic amplitudes even during the summer. The perfect terroir to produce great white wines.

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Baião Vineyard


Quinta do Paço de Teixeiró is in Baião, Vinho Verde sub-region, only 80kms from Porto City centre. This proximity to the Atlantic is well present in the vineyards, offering a fresh and challenging climate all year round.

Baião Vineyard
bottle paço de teixeiró
bottle paço de teixeiró
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Mafalda Bahia Machado


Born and raised in Porto, Douro has been her home for the last 14 years. Knows Paço de Teixeiró like few others and admires the minerality and freshness of the wines that this unique terroir offers. 

Mafalda leads the viticulture and oenology teams at Teixeiró under the leadership of Chairman Winemaker David Baverstock and COO Vasco Rosa Santos.