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In 1943, the José de Mello family acquired the Monte da Ravasqueira property in Alentejo, Portugal. 80 years later, a new holding company is born with the ambition of becoming a Top 3 player in the wine sector. Ranging from Alentejo, Douro, and the demarcated Vinho Verde region, WineStone has announced its first investments: Quinta do Retiro Novo, Krohn, Quinta do Côtto e Paço de Teixeiró have now all been added to the group’s portfolio.

The José de Mello Group has set up a new business platform, called WineStone, to reinforce its position in the wine industry. By doing so, the Group continues to compound its growth in different economic areas.

This decision is fruit of Ravasqueira’s accelerated growth in recent years which helped identify the wine business as an area with very strong development potential for the José de Mello Group.

WineStone, through these investments, combines the production of wines from managing assets in Douro and the Vinho Verde region. This amplifies the company's capacity both to produce and to export, helping it penetrate new markets and different segments. Buying Krohn, a centuries-old  Port company, also marks the group’s entrance into an entirely new wine category.

With an ambitious company growth strategy that includes expanding its investment portfolio to new regions and categories by 2030, WineStone approaches the industry committed to producing brands that consumers love, both in Portugal and abroad. The company is focused on producing high quality wines, sustainably and consistently, in a way that respects the tradition of the region where the grapes are grown - and of its local communities.