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After Alentejo, Douro and the Vinhos Verdes region, now Lisbon.

New asset joins Quinta do Côtto, Quinta do Retiro Novo, Paço de Teixeiró, Ravasqueira and Krohn Port wines. WineStone’s portfolio expands again.


WineStone, the José de Mello Group's business platform dedicated to the wine sector, announces the acquisition of Quinta de Pancas, a centuries-old property, founded in 1495, located in the municipality of Alenquer, in the Lisbon wine region. The operation includes the acquisition of the company, the renowned Quinta de Pancas brand and all its assets, with emphasis on the approximately 75 hectares of land – of which 60 are planted vineyards, in a terroir marked by its proximity to the Atlantic and influenced by the climatic situation resulting from the protection provided by the Serra de Montejunto.


A wine region responsible for more than 20% of total Portuguese wine exports and a new asset fully prepared to contribute to enlarge the export records of the region. Lisbon wines are known for exceptional price-quality ratio and mostly appreciated in the US, UK and northern european markets. Quinta de Pancas will be managed and operated by WineStone team and ready to aim at strategic markets focusing on high-quality wines and efficient export processes to guarantee an attractive value proposition when compared to its competition.


The completion of the acquisition of Quinta de Pancas marks WineStone's entry into a new region, Lisbon, after the holding's first assets were revealed in October, which, in addition to Ravasqueira (which had already been in the Mello family's sphere for 80 years), in Alentejo, now includes Quinta do Côtto and Quinta do Retiro Novo, in the Douro region, and Paço de Teixeiró, in the Vinho Verde region in its portfolio – in addition to the acquisition of the iconic Krohn brand, known for its wines of Porto of excellence.


With the addition of Quinta de Pancas to its portfolio, WineStone is now present in yet another of the strategic regions that it identified in its ambitious growth plan until 2030, the year in which it expects to enter the top 3 of operators in the sector in Portugal and reach a volume of exports exceeding 60%.


“WineStone was born with a long-term vision, with a horizon of broad growth and diversification: from its portfolio of brands and wines focusing on the premium and luxury segments, to the regions where it produces, to export markets. Like other brands that are part of our offer, Quinta de Pancas has tradition, history and, above all, market recognition that translates into the potential that justified our investment. The acquisition of this new asset fuels our ambition and allows us to strengthen our portfolio, which strives, first and foremost, for excellence, differentiation, and the unique characteristics of our wines. Pancas allows us to achieve our mission: to exceed consumer expectations, whether in Portugal or in the many demanding international markets in which we are present”, says Pedro Pereira Gonçalves, WineStone CEO.


A pioneer in the implementation of French grape varieties in Portugal, Quinta de Pancas, located 45 km from Lisbon, enjoys a privileged location, between hills, valleys and plains, under the influence of the Serra de Montejunto and the marshland on the right bank of the Tagus River – a terroir of excellence, biodiverse, from which intense, complex and elegant wines result. The microclimate of the east-facing slopes is ideal for the maturation of noble grape varieties, such as the red Cabernet Sauvignon and the white Chardonnay that are the flagships of this house.


With this new asset, WineStone adds more than 500 years of tradition and history. Recognized for the production of superior quality wines in the Lisbon region, Quinta de Pancas reinforces its portfolio with a range full of quality wines, including two of the most notable examples of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay in the country.