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Krohn Vintage 2017 was considered “Best in Show” at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2024, a classification given to the 50 best wines in the competition, with a final score of 97 points. Considered one of the most important competitions in the world, this edition of Decanter World Wine Awards had 18.143 wines in competition, from 57 countries, tasted and classified by a jury that brought together 243 wine experts, including several Master of Wine and Master Sommelier. In the end, only 50 wines were scored equal or greater than 97 points and considered “Best in Show”. Krohn Vintage 2017 is one of them.

David Baverstock, Chairman Winemaker of WineStone, the Portuguese group that owns Krohn brand, highlights this award as “an exemplary recognition, by a group of very demanding judges and among excellent wines from around the world, of a Port that expresses the Krohn's wine heritage and quality, that is about celebrate 160 years of a history marked by splendid vintages and harvests.” For the experienced winemaker, the award-winning vintage is “a wonderfully expressive, fine and fragrant Port, with the depth and intensity characteristic of the 2017 harvest. Without a doubt, a wine that embodies the excellence of Krohn brand”.

It is at Quinta do Retiro Novo that the old vines that result in Krohn's superlative harvests and vintages grow. Baverstock recalls that “in 2017, the harvest at Quinta do Retiro Novo, in the Rio Torto valley, in Douro region, started much earlier than usual, on September 4th. After the dry maturation season, yields were low and the musts were exceptionally concentrated and deep in color. This resulted in an exceptional wine.”

Krohn Vintage 2017 presents a deep purple-black with a vivid purple rim. The quality of the fruit is immediately apparent on the nose, with the characteristic aromas of ripeness and black berries that are harvested at Quinta do Retiro Novo standing out, but without neutralizing the freshness of red berries, fresh plum and apricot, which provide strength and vigor. The nose is very aromatic, with pungent notes of rockrose that mix with marjoram and thyme and floral perfumes of rose and violet. In the background, offers a suggestive evocation of forest, pine needles and ferns. The palate is slender and bold with well-rolled linear tannins and flavors of fresh wild berries that continue into a long finish. Characteristics that make Krohn Vintage 2017 one of the most outstanding winners of the Decanter World Awards 2024.

This is yet another international recognition of Krohn's Port wines, since the brand's integration in WineStone Group portfolio, in 2023: recently, Krohn 2006 Tawny was the best Portuguese wine (“Best in Show”) in 2024 edition of the London Wine Competition. Following the creation of the José de Mello Group's business platform dedicated to the wine sector, the Wiese&Krohn brand was acquired, as also Quinta do Retiro Novo, a centuries-old property in the Cima Corgo region, in Douro, that allows the production of Port Wines in special categories that have marked generation after generation, since 1865. Krohn stands out for its vast collection of Tawnies and Vintages Port wines.